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A Closer Look At The Reasons Why Your HVAC Is Running But Not Cooling

It’s easy to love summer when you’re thinking about getting tanned, taking a vacation, and enjoying beaches. That said, no one likes sweating in their own house because of the hot weather. Even worse is turning on your HVAC system for some relief and finding system running…but with no cold air coming out. Talk about a huge disappointment!

To help you diagnose your own HVAC issues, here are a few reasons why your HVAC system might be running but not cooling, as well as how to fix it.

1. Power Issues

This may be the simplest, but one of the most common reasons for a running HVAC with no cold air coming out is power issues. Even if you hear a fan running, that’s not a guarantee that the whole system is powered. The first thing you’ll need to do in this scenario is check if the power outlet is working correctly and that all HVAC components are properly plugged in.

2. The System Filter Might Be Clogged

HVAC systems require regular maintenance, especially when it comes to filters. If you’ve forgotten to clear up your system’s filter in the past few months (hopefully not years!), it may be clogged to an extent that the air doesn’t flow properly anymore. Check your filter to see if it needs cleaning or a replacement. Keep in mind that some AC systems may stop working altogether if the filter is clogged as a sort of protective mechanism.

Although fixing these issues can seem costly, especially in countries like Singapore, you’ll end up saving quite a lot of money on repairs in the long run. In fact, contractors at aircon service Singapore explain that by searching for an experienced and affordable service to regularly fix various AC-related problems, you’ll prolong your HVAC system’s life and reap energy savings.

When searching for HVAC services, look for companies that provide more than one type of service and offer long-term contracts; that way, you can be sure your AC will stay maintained and ready every season.

3. The Unit May Be Too Old To Continue Working

Unfortunately, some HVAC problems are unfixable. If your unit has been in your house for a long period, it might be time to upgrade to a new model. Added HVAC expenses aren’t fun, but most systems have an estimated lifetime you can take into account when budgeting. It might be tempting to opt for a cheap, short-term solution, but keep in mind that the most cost-effective method is to purchase a reliable system with a strong warranty.

Before buying a new AC, make sure you write a list of appliance requirements. After researching, set a budget, and try not to go over unless you find an AC that truly meets your needs better than all others in the market.

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Cooling systems are a modern marvel, something we’re all thankful for, especially anyone living in a hot climate. In places like Singapore, where the weather is consistently hot and stuffy, air conditioners are indispensable. Finding out that your cooling system doesn’t work on a hot day can be a huge disappointment, especially if your family is trying to beat the heat.

Hopefully this guide has given you some inspiration to take a closer look at your HVAC system habits. We invite you to consider giving your AC a seasonal clean-up and starting annual checkups on all of the important components. Regular maintenance is the best way to minimize the chance of any unwanted incidents.

Still have questions? Ask an HVAC expert directly via chat or phone.

Published on 2021-12-16 by HVAC Ninja Team

Last updated on 2021-12-16

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