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Where to Place Your Air Purifier

Air purifiers are great tools you can use to keep the air in your home as clean as possible. Although everyone can enjoy the benefits of an air purifier, they are even more useful for those who suffer from asthma or allergies. Getting the most from your air purifier requires you to put it in the right spot, and some people don’t even consider air purifier placement.

Overlooking this step prevents you from getting the best possible results, so move forward with your needs and goals in mind. In this guide, you will discover the top five places to place your air purifier in order to keep the air in your home as fresh as possible. Note that the size of your home and type of air purifier you have will also play a role in the location you choose.


The kitchen is a great place for your air purifier. Having an air purifier in your kitchen removes odors from the foods you cook and helps keep your trash can from stinking up your cooking space.

Think about the size of your kitchen and how much free space you have when trying to find the perfect spot for your air purifier. Ideally you’ll have space near your trash can so that your air purifier will handle smells from the trash first. You can also put it near your kitchen table so that you have fresh air while eating your favorite meals.

Front Door

Pollen and other contaminants can enter your home through a variety of access points, but your front door lets more outside air into your home than any other spot. Tons of outside air has the chance to flow into your home and living space each time you enter or exit, so consider placing your air purifier near your front door to address that problem.

Some people place it on the floor near their door. But that might not be the best spot. Although you will know where it is, others who come into your home won’t always realize that it’s there. You don’t want to create a possible tripping hazard. Place it on a stand beside your front door to enjoy the benefits, and you will notice a difference in the air you breathe inside your home.

Living Room

Since you probably spend much of your family time in your living room, it’s a good spot for your air purifier. Find a location that’s out of the way but near where you sit, and next to your couch is one option.

But if your couch is too close to a wall and you don’t want to move it, you can also put your air purifier next to your television. Small purifiers that are not loud can sit on top of your coffee table, and rotating air purifiers can go in the corner of your living room and still provide the fresh air you deserve.


If you have trouble sleeping at night, putting an air purifier in your bedroom is a viable solution. In addition to removing pollen, air purifiers also eliminate mold and dust from the air to let you breathe easy. The constant white noise generated by some air purifiers can help your mind relax and drift to sleep more easily.

Place the purifier near your bed if you want to feel the gentle breeze it creates. If you don’t want to feel air coming from the purifier, place it several feet from your bed. Once you set it up and turn it on, you will likely notice improvements in your sleep quality.


No matter how clean you are, your bathroom will always be one of the smelliest areas in your entire house. If you want to try something more effective than using air fresheners alone, putting an air purifier in your bathroom is a great solution. Place it on a stand near the toilet for the best possible results.

Additional Considerations

In addition to following these tips, consider your lifestyle and habits when you decide what spot in your home makes more sense than the rest. For example, smokers should place their air purifier near their ashtray to prevent the smell of smoke from lingering and drifting to other areas in the home.

Many people opt for more than one air purifier so that they can have the freshest possible air throughout their homes. As long as you consider your needs and review these guidelines, you will find the perfect placement for your purifier in no time.

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Published on 2020-03-01 by Ben Travis

Last updated on 2021-06-08

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